Only the best book covers for your ePub eBooks


The objective of this site is to collect the best possible book covers for science fiction and fantasy novels. I use these covers for my calibre collection of epub novels that I then transfer over to iTunes and sync with iBooks. Given the amount of time that goes into searching for quality images, I thought I would spare others the time and, hopefully, this can become a group effort.

All images are posted in the original size I encounter.

All images are posted with the title in the format, “$AuthorLastName, $BookTitle”.

All posted are labeled in the following categories:

  1. $AuthorName (can be multiple)
  2. $SeriesTitle
  3. $IllustratorName or “Illustrator Unknown”
  4. $BookType (“Science Fiction” or “Fantasy”)

If you would like to provide your own covers, please e-mail them alongside the above metadata to:


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